Thursday, May 22, 2014

When training in life coaching, I took a program called Purpose/Clarity through which I became a Certified Purpose Clarity Coach.  This means that I am able to support people in becoming clear on their purpose in life -- what they want to offer to the world.  This is a wonderful program for women in transition, who are looking for the next step in their life.  I have used it with much success with new mothers, who are trying to carve out some space and identity for themselves after becoming a mother.  But it can  also be used with women who stayed home but now their kids are going off to school, empty-nesters, college grads who aren't sure about next steps, etc.

While going through the program, I was asked to define my own life purpose.  What a daunting and challenging task.  But after a few walks in the park and some meditating, an Umbrella (or Purpose) statement began to manifest itself.  An overarching statement which describes everything I do in my theater work and in my life coaching and support of other people:

I illuminate people's lives so they can see themselves more clearly and see the possibilities for creating a more harmonious world.

And with that, I will now step out into the harmony of the lush spring, with an orchestra of birds, each with a complementary tune, reminding of us how we can live in this world with our differences and as a unified and peaceful whole.